Key Insights from Artem Gladkikh, CEO and Founder of, a New York-based automated B2B Demand Generation AI-powered startup.

How did you start your entrepreneurial journey?

My first project was about identifying clothes in photos and searching for similar ones on various marketplaces. Once I sold that platform, I searched for new opportunities to create other useful products. I’ve always been interested in playing around with data, particularly since the number of data is growing so rapidly and analyzing data has become increasingly challenging. The issue of big data analysis has never been so important, so I was inspired to go in this direction.

And so I started the company called Test4startup. We analyzed various trends looking at how they fit the market. For example, if…

In 2017, Cabra VC fund invested in Tickets Cloud, a portfolio company within Starta Ventures that creates technological solutions for ticket sales management. With an innovative business model, Tickets Cloud squeezed out many strong competitors in the Russian market to become a leader in the space, eventually scaling up to other countries.

Alexey Aleksanov launched his career by developing an analytical financial platform at RBC. He then made the decisive leap into entrepreneurship by founding companies in industries ranging from engineering and manufacturing to fintech. …

Alex Golod, an American investor with Belarusian roots, co-investor, and mentor at Starta Ventures, spoke about how to start investing on your own and choose the right startups.

Early-stage startups are one of the riskiest asset classes to invest in. The growth opportunity they create involves investing in the early stages of a company’s development and can result in profit by the time of “exit”, or liquidity event. Through this strategy, the angel investor has a higher earning potential than if they were to simply invest in a diversified portfolio on the stock market. …

Batch 10 startups shared insights with us pertaining to their experience in the online pre-acceleration program, so that founders from all over the world could understand whether or not it’s a good fit for them.

Valeriy Makovetskiy, Founder of Everytale

Starta’s Global Residency is a 6-month accelerator program for international startups expanding their business into US markets. The program consists of two parts: three months of full-time coaching on-site in Starta’s New York office, and three months of online support. During their residency, participants will receive guidance from experienced consultants in a wide range of projects and activities. Top performing companies are eligible for a $200k-500k follow-up investment from Starta Ventures Fund II.

Due to the COVID-19, the Global Residency Program is now offering a hybrid model with flexible opportunities for offline participation.

Starta’s Accelerator was launched in 2015. Since…

A common question that many investors ask these days, “Why VCs should invest in dating?” brought out some strong reactions: “All dating is practically dead”, “There nuclear family is in crisis”, “There is no future in dating”.

These are some of the more cynical comments that I have received. I noticed that many of them come from disgruntled millennials, as well as from older age groups. In my opinion, this is the reason why, despite seeing growth in the dating industry, individuals within my own age group (I am approaching 30) do not see a future in online dating.


What does the future of AI in art look like? In our latest industry report, we predicted that AI will continue to develop exponentially into 2020. As the year has progressed, this has turned out to be true. With many industries starting to turn to AI-based solutions to solve their problems, the art world has begun to follow suit. This trend, however, raises new questions:
Can we still say that there is a creative act on the part of AI? What creative spark or impulse can be said to exist in a program? …

Chances are that you are an entrepreneur trying to figure out how to scale your business in the aftermath of a global pandemic. And you have a lot of questions on your mind.

What kind of tools will you need to help you during this mass shutdown?

What kind of an accelerator will get your company off the ground? Which one would work better for you: an online or an offline accelerator? If you choose one, do you risk sacrificing the benefits of the other?

Is networking online as effective as offline? …

The 9th Global Residency Track program of Starta Ventures accelerator launched in March in New York City.

Starta’s Global Residency is a 6-months program for international startups entering the US market as a part of their global expansion. The accelerator program consists of 3 months of full-time coaching and 3 months of online support. Also, participants receive guidance from experienced consultants in a wide range of activities: deploying businesses in the US market and using operational and marketing services.

Top performing companies will qualify for the $200k-500k follow-up investment from our $50M Starta Ventures Fund II. Moreover, Starta will provide…

Today, we’re excited to announce that the majority of GeoCV team has joined Occipital to launch Occipital’s Research & Development office in Moscow.

Occipital is a leading spatial computing company. GeoCV has been successfully using Occipital’s Structure Sensor, one of the most popular depth sensors, as a part of the GeoCV Scanner. Occipital’s 3D capture products span from scanning small objects, to rooms, to huge outdoor spaces. Occipital’s real-time tracking, mapping and perception technology powers next-generation AR, VR, mobile and robotic devices.

“The GeoCV team has deep expertise in 3D computer vision. Joining Occipital will allow us to accelerate realizing…

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